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President's Message

Happy New Year to all of you and your families! I am honored and humbled to serve this prestigious association, the Indian Nurses Association of New York (INA-NY), as its 6th President. This Association is formed and nurtured by many devoted and talented professional nurses of Indian origin. This association was born in 2004, 16 years ago, and since then, it has grown to what we are today. Many devoted nurses, it’s many presidents, governing board, and advisory board have worked hard amidst their busy schedule to nurture this association and make it known as a professional organization of nurses that serve our community and our nurses. I will try my best to do justice to my job as president of INA-NY and all its members who serve our community.


As the president of INA-NY, I proudly announce our plan and our priorities for the next two years. I want to divide our plans for the next 2 years into three pillars - education, service, and charity. Education will include professional development of nurses and nursing students. We will emphasize on providing educational programs that will be led by our educational and APRN committees. This will help all our nurses and advanced practice nurses get the contact hours that they need to advance their professional careers and certifications at little or no cost to them. We would also like to celebrate our nurses by bringing their  education and talents to the forefront. We will do our best to bring all the educational successes of our nurses to the limelight and give them opportunities and the stage to present their projects or dissertations. We also would like us to grow  as a nurturing organization that will provide support to all our new nurses. We will provide support and guidance through many leaders in our association. So, I urge all Indian nurses in the New York area to join us to share your knowledge and passion for nursing and let us all grow together to lift the nursing profession and our association to higher levels and make it known as an association to be proud of.


The next pillar is service. The past year, 2020, was declared as the Year of the Nurse and the midwife. Like no other year, in 2020, the world saw nurses in action, and all they can do to be the people of service. They worked selflessly to serve their community and country amidst all the fears of COVID19. In 2020 the world also saw us as angels who leave their families behind to go and do what they do best, help others. Nurses are people of service and so is our association. We will continue to grow as an association that has served our community, our home country, and our nation.


Our third pillar is charity. We as an association will devote our talent, money, strength, and professional service for charity work. There are many needy people in our community and home country who can benefit from our charity work. We, nurses, are always looking out to help others in need and that’s what we do best. INANY will grow from where it is today and spread its wings to be known as a professional charitable organization that people will seek for help and support. We will conduct health fairs and educational seminars for our communities. We will concentrate on promoting health and preventing diseases by educating and helping the people in the community.


 As I conclude, I want to say that the strength of any organization is its members. Along with the advisory board, executive board, governing board, and its dedicated members, we will be able to lead this association with success. I thank all the devoted nurses in INANY who spend countless hours with dedication to this association's betterment. I promise you that I will work hard selflessly with my team for the growth and further advancement of this association.

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