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Indian Nurses Association of New York, Inc. (INA-NY)

On behalf of the Governing Board of the Indian Nurses Association of New York (INA-NY), I am pleased to share this message with you:


It is my honor and privilege to serve you as the 5th President of INA-NY, the foremost organization for all professional nurses of Indian heritage in the State of New York. I would like to thank all my predecessors who nourished and cherished this organization for the past 15years; since its inception in 2004. I am so delighted and humbled to take on this responsibility and I assure you my best.


As president, I am proud to announce our priorities for the next 2-year term: professional development including higher education and coordination and mobilization for our members to go above and beyond in accomplishing our goal. These priorities are rooted in a wider vision.  We want to see our members pursing higher education, more responsibilities in their workplaces, and taking up leadership roles. I urge all the nurses to join this professional association, which is a venue to engage in dialogue, to be active participants in policy discussions, share your knowledge and skill sets, advance your career goals and be proud to be a nurse.


The strength of any group is its members and their unity. I thank all my team members who have agreed to join hands to lead this association for the next two years. I acknowledge your dedication to the profession and commitment to the association. I express my deepest gratitude and happiness to have all these aspiring nurses in the INA-NY leadership for this term.


I thank all those who have devoted themselves to the advancement of this profession.

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