INA-NY 501(c)3 certified non-profit  association of nurses representing nurses of Indian heritage in New York. We strive to unify Indian nurses and nursing students of New York, to cultivate a culturally diverse community that encourages and empowers its members to learn, socialize, and network with experts within the community. We engage our members in activities to promote health within our local communities in New York and achieve excellence in all areas of the nursing profession. 



The mission of INA-NY is to serve as a professional body representing all registered nurses and nursing students of Indian origin and heritage in the state of New York, USA regardless of actual or perceived social status. The Association will strive to empower the nurses by promoting their talents through educational, cultural, and social activities.



Indian Nurses’ Association of New York will be the professional association that acts on behalf of all Indian American Nurses and nursing students In the State of New York, unifying, supporting and empowering its members at all levels to reach their highest potential in their professional practice, actively collaborating with other organizations in the community to deliver the best quality healthcare possible.



  • Honesty and integrity, mutual respect, trust, quality, and teamwork

  • Striving for excellence in every aspect to achieve the goals of the association

  • Motivating application of inter-personal and critical thinking skills

  • Integrating continuous learning into personal and professional life

  • Embracing cultural competency in learning and caring

  • Committing to highest standards of professional and ethical conduct in all what we do