Journey of Indian Nurses


Before 1600s 

There is no recorded history of nursing in India prior to 1600s apart from the use of birth attendants who took care of maternal and child needs during birth in villages of India. This could be a symptom of not having state regulated health care practices.




East India Company started military hospital in what was then called Madras, India introducing military nursing in India.



Birth of several nursing schools, mostly mission hospitals, that trained nurses.  Each school had its own curriculum and way of training for nurses and midwives.




Government sanctioned formal training for nurses


The first nursing training for Indian women was started in St. Stephens hospital in Delhi following suggestions by Florence Nightingale to establish a system of nursing in Indian hospitals. She sent nursing graduates from her school in London to India. 



Mid India and South India Boards were set up and established standards and uniform education programs for the training schools in their jurisdiction and conducted examinations to award diplomas.


Indian Nursing Council (INC) established under the Government of India, an autonomous body that regulates standards and training for nurses today.